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MB Settings Page is a Meta Box extension that lets you create settings pages and theme options for an unlimited number of themes, plugins and websites.

You can do it all using any combination of comprehensive Meta Box field types, with a few clicks and within the comfort of the WordPress admin to boot.

Remarkable Settings for Everyone

Creating a settings page for your theme or plugin is a great way to let your user customize their own WordPress experience. When they can make their own choices and decisions about the functionality that’s important to them, everybody comes out on top.

The MS Settings Page extension is the brawny toolbox you need to make it happen.

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Create the type of settings page you need, not just the one you can get.

Done in the Flashiest of Flashes

Your fully customized settings pages could be finished at such supersonic speeds that when done, everyone around you would raise a brow and heavily consider that you very well may be actually Superman.

At the very least, you would have earned kudos and several rounds of applause from anyone who truly appreciates your genius.

Which Would You Choose?

Creating a settings page for a theme, plugin or website can be a convoluted mess if you let it be.

What it really comes down to is a choice between these two options:

  • Look through the Settings API in the WordPress Codex and write custom functions to hook into the admin dashboard or the output settings fields’ HTML. Or,
  • Use MB Settings Page and a few clicks.

Which one would you choose?

We thought you’d agree.

Your MB Settings Page the Way You Want It

With MB Settings Page, you can customize the UI and UX to the exact specs you need.

Choose a design style, then customize and add as many options as you want with no limitations other than your website’s resources.

Use the Columns option in your code to add a sidebar for helpful information, useful links or even advertisements. Or, make one column, tab-style, to perfectly mimic the default WordPress admin.


You can choose to create a single settings page link that contains all your customization options on one page or add optional sub-levels for even more content separation.

MB Settings Page Sub-menus” data-image-title=”MB Settings Page Sub-menus” data-image-meta='{“aperture”:”0″,”credit”:””,”camera”:””,”caption”:””,”created_timestamp”:”0″,”copyright”:””,”focal_length”:”0″,”iso”:”0″,”shutter_speed”:”0″,”title”:””,”orientation”:”0″}’ data-comments-opened=”0″ data-orig-size=”160,248″ data-orig-file=”″ data-permalink=”” data-attachment-id=”7254″>
You can insert your settings page right into the WordPress admin dashboard.


With MB Settings Page, you can format your customization options inside tabs, just like the default WordPress admin.

All the details are neatly categorized and accessible from a single screen while integrating seamlessly into the WordPress interface.

MB Settings Page – Tab Style” data-image-title=”MB Settings Page – Tab Style” data-image-meta='{“aperture”:”0″,”credit”:””,”camera”:””,”caption”:””,”created_timestamp”:”0″,”copyright”:””,”focal_length”:”0″,”iso”:”0″,”shutter_speed”:”0″,”title”:””,”orientation”:”0″}’ data-comments-opened=”0″ data-orig-size=”771,443″ data-orig-file=”″ data-permalink=”” data-attachment-id=”2579″>
Tab-style settings pages let you flip through multiple options on a single screen.


Not into tabs on your MB Settings Page? No problem.

Add boxes instead for a visually striking one-pager that lets you view all the options without any extra clicks.

MB Settings Page – Box Style” data-image-title=”MB Settings Page – Box Style” data-image-meta='{“aperture”:”0″,”credit”:””,”camera”:””,”caption”:””,”created_timestamp”:”0″,”copyright”:””,”focal_length”:”0″,”iso”:”0″,”shutter_speed”:”0″,”title”:””,”orientation”:”0″}’ data-comments-opened=”0″ data-orig-size=”804,531″ data-orig-file=”″ data-permalink=”” data-attachment-id=”2580″>
Box-style settings pages are more modular and separate content visually on a single screen.


Proactively make yourself available to your users by adding a help button to your Meta Box Settings Page.

The help button and section are a part of the core WordPress themes and let you provide a truly consistent experience to users.

Add the necessary code from the documentation for a slide-down help section complete with categorized tabs.


Don’t worry, there’s no need to learn a whole new system for the MB Settings Page extension.

You define your MB Settings Page fields just as you would with other Meta Box pages, which means a more streamlined way to create a settings page.

Top Features:

The MB Settings Page extension is fully compatible with WordPress Customizer and supports saving options and theme modification data.

Plus, there are all these robust contenders to consider:

  • Blazing fast, effortless setup
  • Create unlimited settings pages and place them anywhere
  • Add any kind of options you need to your settings pages
  • Supports hierarchical top-level menus in the WordPress admin as well as sub-menus
  • Supports one or two-column settings pages
  • Supports two styles: meta boxes such as those in the post editor or tab-style like a typical WordPress settings page
  • Uses same syntax and UI as Meta Box

Compatible with Meta Box Columns and Tabs extensions.


  • Last Updated:
    October 7, 2020
  • Version:
  • Compatibility:
    WordPress 5.9.x,
  • License:
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