Ninja Forms – Webhooks


Send submission data collected by Ninja Forms to an external API/URL.

Send user-submitted data to any external URL using a GET or POST request.

Do you need to integrate your form with several different web services? Maybe you’d like to subscribe a user to a Feedblitz email list, or populate a remote CRM with your user’s submitted data.

The Webhooks extension allows you to send form data to a remote URL using either a GET or POST request. This makes it easy to use your form data to interact with third-party web services. These requests are sent asynchronously, so they don’t affect redirects or success messages. They don’t take the place of redirects. The extension adds a new action type to the “Emails & Actions” tab. On the settings page for the action, you simply supply the following:

  • Remote URL: The address to which data will be sent. (Can include querystrings.)
  • Remote Method: The format used to send the data, either GET or POST
  • Args: A collection of Key – Value pairs that will be sent as data.
  • Encode Args as a JSON String: Encodes the data as a JSON string before sending it.
  • Run in Debug Mode: Will show debugging information: Remote URL, data sent, and response.

Note: While we would love to be able to help Webhooks users integrate with all the services, we’re a small team, and so our support for integration is limited to making sure that we send data as its laid out in the settings. If you have questions about a particular service, or how to post to a specific service, you should contact that service’s support. Most services that accept webhooks have great API documentation to make the process as painless as possible.


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    October 7, 2020
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    WordPress 5.9.x,
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