Paid Memberships Pro – Check Payment Levels


Allow users to “Pay by Check” ONLY for specific membership levels. See the Pay by Check add on for adding check payment as an option on a level.

How it Works

This add on allows you to specify the level or levels that allow payment by check. In most sites, the level is set up with the same pricing information as a level with online payment, but with an expiration date (i.e. your online payment level may be $37/year recurring and your check payment level is $37 for 1 year – non-recurring).

When a member completes checkout for the level, they will see the “Pay by Check” payment instructions on the checkout, confirmation page and confirmation email. Once check payment is received, the admin can update the user to the full membership level with an appropriate expiration date.

Most sites do not give any members-only content access to the check payment level. It is simply used as a holding level until the actual payment is received.

An additional application of this add on is to allow bank transfer (direct debit) as a payment method. You can specify the instructions for how you will contact the member to receive payment, whether this is a mailing address to submit a check or that you will email them privately to set up a bank transfer.


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    October 7, 2020
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