Paid Memberships Pro – Membership Card


Create a printable, customizable Membership Card for Paid Memberships Pro members or WordPress users.

How it Works

The plugin adds a new shortcode, [pmpro_membership_card], which assigns a page as the Membership Card page. The page containing the shortcode will display the membership card and a link to print the membership card. You can also set the page’s featured image, which will be displayed on the membership card.

The shortcode has one attribute: ‘print_size’. Options include: small, medium, large or all. Default is: all. (ex: [pmpro_membership_card print_size="small,medium"])

If Paid Memberships Pro is activated, then only members will be able to view the membership card. If not, the card will show for all WP users.

Customizing the Membership Card

The simplest way to customize your Membership Card is by adding an image. You can do this right from the Edit Page screen by setting a Featured Image for your Membership Card Page.

Additionally, just like the other PMPro front end pages, you can create your own custom Membership Card page template as well. Simply copy the file located at:


to your active theme directory at:


This will load your custom template in place of the default template.


  • Last Updated:
    October 16, 2020
  • Version:
  • Compatibility:
    WordPress 5.9.x,
  • License:
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