Sliding Widget Options – Addon For Extended Widget Options Plugin


Turn any widgets to slide-in, modal pop-up and sliding panel to get more user interactions and increase conversions.

Transform any of your WordPress widgets to pulloutsslide-inmodal pop-up and/or sliding widgets with stylish and modern floating action buttons. A total plugin game-changer on how you use your WordPress widgets .

Your WordPress widgets on steriods! Modal Pop-up & Sliding Widget Options Add-on is the best way to literally level-up your widgets! Transform them easily to Modal Pop-up, Slide-in, Pullouts and/or Sliding Widgets with sleek and eye-candy WordPress floating action button that will surely increase your user engagement and will be of great help for better user interactions on your website.

Plugin Features Highlight

User-friendly and Simple Widget Options

Additional option tabs will be added on Extended and Free Widget Options for WordPress versions. Provides simple fields that will let you upgrade your widgets on a matter of seconds! And of course, same as the core Widget Options plugin, this will work on any widgets you have on your site. You can add forms, custom text, images and any other custom widget from your activated themes and plugins.

Responsive Pullouts and Sliding WordPress Widgets

Turn any widgets into pull-outs or WordPress sliding panel, even create multiple sliding widgets on different positions to provide different actions for your beloved visitors. One of the better way to communicate to your visitors by providing sliding contact & pre-sales forms, newsletter & subscription forms, faux live chat with Opt-in, promotional images, custom messages, polls and any widgets you want! All up to your creativity and what your WordPress sites are lacking to communicate to your users better.

Multiple Floating Button Positions and Occurence

Select the best position the fixed floating buttons to appear! Make the most out of your pop-up, slide-in and sliding widgets by displaying them to where your users will benefit the most. Less clutter and annoyance but providing best user experience and interactions on your WordPress sites!

You can go for top lefttop rightbottom leftbottom right and/or all of them! Yes you can use them all at once for as many as you like as long as the viewport can handle it

Turn any Widget into Responsive Modal Pop-up

Transform any of your WordPress widgets to unobtrusive responsive modal pop-ups! Set them to whenever user click on the fixed floating button on your preferred position, the pop-up with your custom messages, contact forms, promotional images, navigation menu or any custom widgets open.

Transform any Widgets to Left and Right Slide-in

Easily grab your audience’s attention by turning your widgets into eye-catching slide-in! A better way to provide your visitors with your marketing messages, product information, posts and pages navigations and as always, any of your available WordPress widgets!

Slide-ins can be open via floating action button click and/or open it automatically when user scrolls certain percentage or pixels of your posts and pages! You have the total control on how you will use all of what Widget Options plugin powerful settings has been bestowed to you

Open Automatically on Exit Intent, Entrance or even on Scroll!

Convert abandoning visitors to subscribers or customers by automatically open the modal pop-ups or sliding widgets when they’re leaving your site. And even more features! Aside from Exit Intent you can also open any of your slide-ins and pop-ups on page load or when scrolling on certain percentage of your posts and pages.

Use any of this open trigger with other helpful feature, MouseOver — which will enable you to set them to open when user hover on the floating buttons. And yes, you can use mouseover and Exit Intent at the same time!

Fully Customizable to Match your Website Branding

Powered by WordPress colorpickers set the sliding widgets and modal pop-ups appearance to match your brand! Easily change the color schemes to your preference, set the width and customise the floating button elements on desktop and even on the mobile responsive version.

And of course, it’s totally compatible with Extended Widget Options Styling Feature and will let you set different color styling for each sliders and pop-ups!


  • Last Updated:
    October 7, 2020
  • Version:
  • Compatibility:
    WordPress 5.9.x,
  • License:
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