Woocommerce Mailchimp


Send order and customer information to MailChimp, and subscribe customers to specific mailing lists.

Subscribe customers to your MailChimp email list at checkout.

Bring your customers and their data into MailChimp and send targeted e-mails to onboard, educate and upsell

Save time and ensure your list is always up-to-date by giving customers the option to subscribe to your email list at checkout.

Send emails based on customer data and purchase history

Use eCommerce data when creating segments in MailChimp.

This extension integrates with MailChimp’s eCommerce 360 feature and pulls purchase data into MailChimp.

Create segments based on the number of purchases, total money spent, types of products purchased to make sure the right customers see your emails. Get as granular as specific SKUs and variations, with all the data right in MailChimp and ready for you.

Automatically send e-mails based on purchases

Granularly create automations and segments based on your eCommerce data.

Send an email or series of emails to welcome and educate customers or automatically suggest related products by creating a workflow.

Trigger a series based on purchasing a specific product, category or change to customer data.

Add all this in a few clicks

Once you’ve entered your MailChimp API key, choose which email list to subscribe your customers to.

Enter your MailChimp API key, choose which email list to subscribe customers to, and you’re set.


  1. Full integration between WooCommerce and MailChimp
  2. Opt-in checkbox on checkout, including options to customize text
  3. Automatically add customers to a MailChimp list
  4. Full support for Ecommerce360
  5. Error logging to make debugging easier

  • Last Updated:
    October 12, 2020
  • Version:
  • Compatibility:
    WordPress 5.9.x,
  • License:
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