WP ERP – Gravity Forms Sync


Using Gravity forms? Import your form users into the CRM module and engage with them for better support.

Create users in CRM module automatically with the data you receive on a form created by Gravity forms.

For example, you have customers on your external site from which you want to forward them to your service staff for processing. You are onboarding the customers by registering them from a form created by Gravity forms.

With this add-on, you will be able to map the CRM contact profile fields with the fields on your form. So, when someone registers on your site with this form, a contact for that user is automatically added to your CRM module.

Benefits of this feature

  • Mapping between the gravity form and CRM profile
  • Automatic syncing when a new user registers
  • Contact status can be defined for the new registered users

  • Last Updated:
    October 7, 2020
  • Version:
  • Compatibility:
    WordPress 5.9.x,
  • License:
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