YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Premium


YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Premium

Neuromarketing research has measuring as postulate any person receives a gift, she nearly experience kind of they are of debt. This access ye wish beget consumer loyalty, barring them realizing it.


This is where all loyalty programmes leverage: rewards within change because loyalty.
So, in what now not consist of some thing like so within you shop as much well? It is easy with YITH WooCommerce Points yet Rewards, a plugin developed expressly in accordance with rule point collections in accordance with loyalize your customers.

For every purchase, because each assignment between thy shop, it will collect points that, summed together, will flip into a discount about a new purchase.

But for those customers because to those it is almost impossible according to attain even the first reward (so, these on as point-based programs have no effect), immediately beneficial is the good choice: the on the spot gratification that, appropriate because now not required, is a lot extra efficient between instilling a positive attitude toward ye within customers’ mind, also among a completely indolent way.

The impenetrable about the pudding is into the eating: if ye have been offered a 50% bargain of any object into trade because you fixation into a technology shop, wouldn’t ye experience in conformity with buy something?


  • Set the transformation dimensions (spend/points) after employ the quantity on factors customers perform gather for each purchase
  • Admin may digest a listing regarding users yet points collected with purchases
  • Admin may update the wide variety about points earned by users
  • Users can try points earned hence a ways into “My account” page


  • All services regarding the uninterrupted version
  • Users perform advantage on a discount thought according after theirs point credit
  • You can embark a maximum quantity because of reductions (customisable in accordance after category then singular product)
  • Assign a unique range over points because of every simple yet moving production according to the users anybody buy of you store
  • You may accept an expiration date because of points collected
  • You can schedule promotions about amassed points
  • You perform employ a validity because of factor work guidelines because classes and/or single product
  • Send remind emails some days earlier than points expire
  • You do remove points assigned according to orders so much are additional cancelled then refunded
  • You can entrust points also according to customers whichever bear bought before the plugin used to be installed
  • You execute personalize point action according after WordPress position customers have
  • You perform hand over greater points so the according stipulations occur:
    • registration in the store
    • first order placed
    • review over product
    • specific spend introduction reached
    • specific variety on factors collected
  • Insert “My points” link of customers’ tab page New
  • You may perform every labels yet messages shown in imitation of users
  • You be able enable electronic mail sending in conformity with customers every era theirs factor credit is updated
  • You execute enable messages after announce users about:
    • points due for the purchase over the elected product
    • discount in cart accessible in accordance in conformity with points collected and far
  • Widget among the dashboard in accordance with enable the master in accordance with consider customers to that amount have accrued greater points therefore a ways yet these anybody have ancient discounts
  • Widget ‘YITH YWPAR Points Rewards’ displaying customers their contemporary point credit
  • Shortcode up to expectation permits displaying the factors records in imitation of users
  • Possibility after set a share cut price into affinity according to manufacture price
  • Possibility after engage a minimum volume over cut price below who customers can’t deliver theirs points
  • Reset factors records because of whole users registered in conformity with the shop
  • Import points history beside WooCommerce Points and Rewards
  • Allow the keep manager according to accomplish the users’ points
  • Limit the opportunity in accordance with free points only because particular consumer roles
  • Limit the possibility after achieve points solely because specific person roles
  • View in the archive pages the points up to expectation may keep amassed together with every product
  • Enable fair delivery additionally if purchasing thru points
  • Integration along WooCommerce Multilingual due to the fact model 4.2.9 New
  • Integration with WooCommerce Currency Switcher version 1.2.4 New

  • Last Updated:
    July 27, 2021
  • Version:
  • Compatibility:
    WordPress 5.9.x,
  • License:
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